DALROD often talk about the ‘journey’ that our employees go on as they work with us. As a business we are fortunate to have many long-standing employees who have been crucial members of the DALROD team for a great number of years. When something good happens to one of them its effects are felt and celebrated throughout the entire organisation. 

Recently one of our longest serving employees of 15 years, Derek Bullivant took the ultimate leap of faith and moved from our Head Office function into a new role as a DALROD Director in a local service centre.

Now, partnering with successful DALROD Milton Keynes & Leicester service centre Director Dale Jowett, Derek’s journey really has come full circle. Beginning his career as an engineer with DALROD Peterborough, Derek’s ambition and drive was immediately obvious. He quickly moved internally into a role supporting and guiding the newest recruits around the country, and so, with a wealth of experience under his belt Derek felt ready to go one stage further.

Derek and Dale the two Directors at DALROD Milton Keynes and Leicester

DALROD proudly supports all of our people as a key part of our company core values and our goal is to encourage continual development and success for that individual on whichever career path they choose. Derek represents a shining example of the level of growth achievable and the diverse options available for those who wish to take the opportunities offered.

Working within the Head Office for so many years has equipped Derek well for his new life ahead in a successful and increasing busy DALROD service centre.

“Having spent so many years working closely with the local service centres, I have a full appreciation for all of the systems and processes that the business puts in place to create success around the country,” Derek said “I am excited to take the next step in my career and I cannot wait to operate as a business owner alongside Dale, with the full support of the Head Office team behind me.”

Derek Bullivant is excited to take the next step in his DALROD journey.

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