DALROD Cambridge are about to hit a significant milestone in their drainage journey. Today, the 14th of May 2021 is officially their 20th anniversary. As the longest running DALROD local service centre this anniversary marks a very special occasion and is truly a day to be savoured by business owner and director Mike Pollard and his team.

Mike has had quite the journey with DALROD over the years and from simple, humble beginnings an impressive business was quickly formed. With a back room doubling as an office at his home in Huntingdon DALROD Cambridgeshire originally consisted of one van, and working alone, Mike began his drainage solutions business. The speed of growth was incredible by anyone’s standards and within three months, the business had trebled its turnover and was employing two additional men and another van to continue servicing the people of Cambridgeshire. This growth continued so rapidly that by the seventh month of trading a third van was already deployed on the road.

“I can hardly believe that twenty years has passed already!” said Mike, “when I started out as a business owner with DALROD I never imagined this moment or what it would feel like. I am so happy to be celebrating this achievement, and all the years of hard work, late nights and weekends have paid off. I have never once questioned my decision to become a business owner because I am able to do what I love every day. I want to say a huge thank you to all of the dedicated members of my staff, I couldn’t have done this without them and five of them have been with me since the very beginning.” Mike also commented “I would recommend anyone who has the ambition to run their own business to take the leap of faith because the rewards are worth every ounce of hard work that goes into making it happen.”

Today in 2021 the business may look very different, but it still upholds the same core values that it did in the early days of trading. DALROD Cambridge is at the top of their game and are providing expert drainage services to the local community and the wider Cambridgeshire region. The twenty strong workforce now operate from a 12,000 sq. ft unit that was purchased back in 2009. The fleet of vehicles is ever increasing and now includes tankers (the latest one came on-line in February 2021); specialist vehicles for drainage CCTV operations and pumping units, but it doesn’t stop there as the team look forward to the potential for further expansion in the future.

Mike Pollard Director of DALROD Cambridge

“This is such an important milestone for the business,” said Dave Lane, Managing Director of DALROD. “When we started down the road of franchising back in 2001, we could never have imagined the success that would follow. Mike is the embodiment of what DALROD represents as a business, and his hard work and dedication over the years have never faltered. Mike and the team deserve to celebrate on this very special occasion, and we are all extremely proud of their many accomplishments throughout the years.”

Mike’s vision and commitment for DALROD Cambridge remains as focussed today as it was twenty years ago and he remains highly optimistic about the future and the continued collaboration with DALROD Drainage, Peterborough and the other DALROD service centres now working as a network across the UK. 

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