DALROD recently hosted two of our newest business owners for the first phase of intensive onboarding. Week one of the five-week programme is known as the DAL Academy and this tailor-made programme is a detailed internal training course, giving a solid overview of the DALROD ways of working all neatly packaged up into a single week.

The training academy covers a wide range of different business topics designed to provide new business owners with all the tools and knowledge they need to hit the ground running in their respective territories. As the week unfolds, the DAL Academy covers CRM systems, finance, customer contracts, marketing, sales, business growth, health and safety plus it looks in-depth at the operational aspects of the job from the comfort of an interactive COVID safe classroom setting. 

“The aim of the onboarding process is to ensure every new business owner goes through the same process and is fully prepped before they begin trading in their territory” Catriona Berry, Franchise Manager explains “here at DALROD we have over 35 successful years’ experience within the drainage sector and have developed a proven business model that works! It is important to share this methodology with everyone and the DAL Academy allows us to do that.”

Getting to know the business in detail and acquiring the tools to be able to execute effectively is all part of the structure of the DAL Academy. Business owners leave the course well-equipped and ready to begin their drainage journey. The week is structured and highly focused and it is equally important that the new recruits immerse themselves fully in order to get the most out of the training. 

Immediately after the theoretical training is complete the business owners are then ready to embark on a four-week practical on the job training programme with DALROD’s dedicated operational trainer – Stuart Dane. 

“Once a new service centre comes on board my job as technical support is to show the owners how to do things the DALROD way. This means that no matter what experience a new director (or their engineer) has, I will spend dedicated time with them to give support from being out on-site doing jobs, unblocking drains, to CCTV surveys and coding reports, providing a well-rounded experience for them.” Stuart said.  

DALROD understands how important these fundamentals are to kick starting a new business and are delighted to be able to offer assistance to the new business owners through the initial stages. 

“As a recent DAL Academy graduate, I can take all of the theory that I have just learnt and apply it directly to my business,” commented Chris Simpkins from the newly launched DALROD Aylesbury & Slough service centre. “Some of the tools are new to me but I can see how everything fits together into the bigger picture. I am keen to grow business in my area and look forward to making it happen.”   

“This week has proved extremely useful for me,” said Narthan Moodley, a new DALROD director starting operations in the Watford area. “I have been shown the inner workings of the DALROD brand, and understand what components are in place to give service centres everything they need to get started on their own. I am excited to undertake the next phase of training and begin working under the company banner.”

For more information about becoming a new business owner with DALROD and the latest opportunities available please use the information available on our website at or contact us by telephone on 0330 1003 222.

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