The one thing that every business owner dreads, is the prospect of having to close their doors due to unforeseen circumstances. DALROD understand that businesses rely on this ability to stay open, and problems and issues arising with drainage can unfortunately lead to closures if not dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Recently DALROD Bath & Swindon were called to investigate rising ground water underneath the Village Inn, a community focused public house in West Swindon.

Initial CCTV camera investigations were conducted by the DALROD team and revealed that all external surface water pipes were fully functioning. Closer inspection of internal manholes within the vicinity provided the root cause of the problem. 

James investigating the issues outside the Village Inn

The second issue was a substantial displacement that was allowing ground water into the drain system under the pub. Fortunately, the DALROD team were able to utilise their no dig patch repair service to seal the displacement underneath the bar and stop the water rising into the building. The biggest challenge for the team at this point was to work with the customer to ensure business could continue as normal.

“We were able to work around the needs of the client to ensure minimal disruption to the business,” James Kelly, Director of DALROD Bath & Swindon said. “It was important to carry out the required work early in the morning, before the pub opened so as not to disrupt trade or deter customers.”  

This approach proved highly successful and with the issue sufficiently dealt with the Village Inn were able to continue servicing their customers as if nothing had happened.

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