Adverse weather conditions can lead to big problems for drainage systems if left untended, issues such as a build-up of surface water, potential blockages and possible flooding risks are all common, and very often these can go unnoticed until it is too late.

DALROD Milton Keynes and DALROD Cambridge were recently called out to attend some emergency works in a picturesque public access woodland located in central Milton Keynes. Bad weather conditions resulting in heavy rain and snow had caused a build-up of surface water and blocked the drains in the park, this unfortunately meant that fifty percent of the site had to be closed to public access leaving local dogwalkers and pleasure walkers nowhere to go. 

All of the team located on site.

This particular job required the manpower of both local DALROD service centres due to the size and scale of the work, plus there was an additional need for specialist equipment to conduct the work effectively while navigating around some problematic banks.

After an initial inspection, DALROD Milton Keynes recommended a full drain clean and investigation plus a CCTV drain survey to determine where the water was leaving the woodland in order to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

The specialist portal reel ready for action!

Several access constraints within the woodland meant that manholes were difficult to reach conventionally. The team utilised a specialist tracks porta reel paired with a large combi tanker to complete the required cleaning works. In total, the full scope of work took two days, however the public were once again able to fully access the grounds after the initial works on day one.

Watch this video to see the portal reel in action!

The specialist tracks port reel in action

Dale Jowett, Director of DALROD Milton Keynes said “It is always satisfying to be able to clear blockages and enable sites to reopen to members of the public. We were also lucky enough to be able to work closely with the DALROD Cambridge team to perform these tasks in a fantastic setting.”

“We were able to identify several sections in the drainage requiring additional repairs to reinstate broken and damaged pipework after conducting a CCTV survey,” commented Mike Pollard, Director of DALROD Cambridge. “These additional works were swiftly carried out and will prevent further issues at this site.”

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