Everyone at DALROD understands that sometimes a seemingly simple job can turn into a sizeable and more complex challenge. DALROD Bath & Swindon recently experienced this for themselves, when called out to a flooded car park at the Swindon Plaza site.

At first glance this should have been a simple pumping job to help remove the water from the vicinity, and James Kelly, Director of DALROD Bath & Swindon was happy to come and provide the service to do this. In over 50 years the site had never experienced a flooding issue, however, it was believed an onslaught of excessive rainfall in a short period of time had caused a major leak in the underground car park.

Once on site, the cause of the flooding was quickly identified, not as a leak, but a failed pump sitting within a chamber, the purpose of which was to move water back into the water authority surface system. This changed the nature of the work and the speed with which water needed to be moved away from site. Initially a large DALROD tanker was dispatched and used to pump out over 9,000 gallons of water on the first day alone.

The sheer volume of water was not the only complication faced by the DALROD team in this job. “Access was always the main issue with this job. There was restricted height access, down a steep ramp into the car park, so we had to use nearly 100 metres of pipe to help pump the water out,” James commented. “Although it was a tricky challenge, we managed to successfully complete the job and didn’t let the restrictive access stop us from coming up with a solution.”

The DALROD Bath & Swindon tanker and van attending the Swindon Plaza
Over 100 metres of pipe were used to reach the flood water

The problem escalated while the Plaza waited for the faulty pump to be repaired, and the DALROD Bath & Swindon team were required to visit the site a total 4 times over the course of the next 5 weeks. Almost 30,000 gallons of water were removed from site overall. 

No matter the size or scale of the drainage issue, DALROD are able to find the right solution to get the work completed.

James Kelly, Director of DALROD Bath & Swindon

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