DALROD Coventry and Warwickshire Announce Winners of Children’s Easter Competition

The past year has proved to be challenging in so many ways and the recent pandemic has touched the lives of everyone across the UK differently. One area that has truly flourished throughout this time is the sense of community and the support that is driven by local companies. 

DALROD Coventry and Warwickshire decided to involve the local community with their business by running a fun Easter drawing competition this year. The competition was designed to give local children the chance to win some Easter goodies, and their task was to send a drawing of what lockdown has meant to them throughout the past year.

Anna and Chris Knight, Directors of DALROD Coventry and Warwickshire were overwhelmed by the amazing response from all of the children who participated. Over 100 incredible drawings were submitted to the competition from children aged between 3 – 11 years old, each representing a different and very personal view of the lockdown experience as seen through the children’s own eyes.

“It was fantastic to receive the entries for our DALROD Easter drawing competition. There were a real range of pictures showing the mixed feelings many children experienced over the last year, some of which were very emotional,” commented Anna, “My heart really goes out to all the children that have found the last year difficult.”

With so many wonderful entries submitted choosing the winners was clearly a difficult task and there were three separate categories being judged. Here is a run-down of the talented winners, who were each gifted the prize of a hamper of Cadbury’s chocolate eggs and a £20 National Book Token with their winning design printed on.

In the 3-5 year age group the winner was Mishaal Siddiqui, aged 5, from Rugby Free Primary School in Rugby. The age 6-8 year group was won by Emily aged 8 from Bridgetown Primary School in Stratford-upon-Avon, and finally, the age 9-11 year group winner was Jaya Kalsi, aged 11 from All Saints CofE Junior School in Warwick!

Such an impressive range of bright and colourful drawings made the judging fun for Anna “picking the winners was not an easy task,” she said “I wish we could have handed out more prizes, but it was lovely to see the children that did win and we hope they enjoyed their chocolate and can get stuck into a book or two with their prize winnings.”

In addition, the corresponding schools where the winning children attend have also been offered a prize of their own, £250 to spend on DALROD drainage services including drain cleaning or a CCTV drain survey should they have been experiencing any drainage issues.

Overall, this competition proved hugely successful and DALROD Coventry and Warwickshire would like to thank everyone who took the time to create and enter a drawing.

Chris and Anna Knight from DALROD Coventry and Warwickshire have been overwhelmed by the positive response to the Easter Drawing Competition

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