DALROD UK represents a business that constantly strives for perfection. Satisfying customers’ needs with responsive and professional solutions at cost-effective prices is a fundamental part of the service promise. It is always exciting for any organisation to receive positive feedback from customers detailing how their expectations have been exceeded.

DALROD Cambridge were recently approached by a large construction company in Cambridge to attend a local commercial site requiring immediate attention. The team were initially responsible for conducting a CCTV survey and mapping the drainage system on site. However, the job ended up being much more complicated than originally thought and required a total of four separate visits and expert drainage procedures to fully complete the operation. 

Whilst working at site suspected contaminated waste was identified, therefore important local laboratory testing was swiftly arranged proving that the material did require specialist disposal techniques. 

Fortunately, DALROD are among only a small handful of companies in the UK who have both the equipment and skillset required to carry out this type of complex work. A specialist ADR tanker was mobilised to site immediately to remove the contaminated waste for correct disposal.

Additionally, further work was carried out by a combination tanker jetter unit brought in to conduct high-pressure water jetting and cleaning of all the drains. As the project required the handling of contaminated materials all relevant documentation was produced to demonstrate effective disposal. A seemingly simple assignment to begin with soon became a much more serious and sizeable task for the team to handle.

The client was so impressed with the final results of the project that DALROD Cambridge have been credited with a prestigious perfect delivery award. Mike Pollard, Director of DALROD Cambridge said “this was a challenging project for us, requiring multiple visits and our expert drainage knowledge to get the work carried out in a safe and timely manner. This award demonstrates the commitment of the team to delivering outstanding customer service to each and every client and we are very grateful to receive it.”

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