Over the past year, many charities, schools, and clubs have suffered due to COVID. Many of these organisations rely heavily on fundraising events and the generous members of their community to help in raising vital funds.

Community is so very important to James, Director of DALROD Oxford, and it’s the people of his community that makes it the wonderful place it is. As COVID has hit businesses and people hard, and with fundraising events being canceled due to lockdown, many of these charities, schools, and clubs are left wondering how they can make a difference to the local people and groups that rely so heavily on them.

James and his wife Alison would like to help and give back to the community of Oxfordshire where they live and operate their business.

DALROD Oxford are looking to support one large project or several smaller fundraisers. So, would you like our help? Are you fundraising for a project, charity, school, or club? We would like to hear from you.

How To Apply;

Please email and let DALROD Oxford know;

  1. What are you fundraising for?
  2. How will it help our community or change the live/s of someone/people in our community?
  3. What is needed or the total amount of funds needed

Application deadline is 16th April 2021, we look forward to receiving your email.

Apply for a vacancy