As Dale, DALROD MK & Leicester Director celebrates his thirtieth birthday today, we have taken this opportunity to reflect on the journey our youngest service centre owner has had throughout his fourteen-year working life with DALROD.

Dale started with DALROD Peterborough back in 2005, aged just sixteen. Fresh-faced and eager, the young labourer started his DALROD journey and quite quickly moved up the ranks.

It wasn’t before long, he was trained up to operate a van jetting unit to enable him to start unblocking drains. This isn’t a task we give out lightly, with the jetting units being that powerful, they could cut through most objects including people.

Dale onsite conducting a CCTV drain survey

The determination of this young hardworking individual didn’t go un-noticed and Managing Director Dave Lane knew he had a career-driven employee on his hands.

Dave reflects on Dale’s time with DALROD “Dale was always the first person to push himself to gain new skills and progress through the business, I would say he has done every job within the business, learning from the bottom and always coming out on top. He started with us as a labourer after leaving school, and was soon working his way through the positions; drainage engineer, CCTV drain survey specialist, he took his LGV Class 2 to enable him to become a tanker driver. This was not enough, he wanted to learn the business side and began writing quotes, calling, and servicing customers, until I knew the best possible position for him, was to own his own DALROD business.

The first few years were successful, mainly due to the hardwork that was put in, the growth of the business continued, with customers being so impressed with the service they received from DALROD MK.

I have no doubt, Dale will continue to succeed with great ambition and drive, and on this special day, I would like to say how proud Jo and I are of his achievements.”

Dale also commented on his fourteen years with DALROD saying: “When I left school I wanted to train as a plumber, but unfortunately I didn’t get the position as a plumbers apprentice. Looking back, I now know, things happen for a reason.

Dale playing Ice Hockey for the Peterborough DALROD Phantoms NIHL 2

I’ve always had the drive and ambition to succeed, and always be the best I can be. I have always had a competitive edge due to my involvement in sport, which I believe helped me in never giving up and trying harder.

Owning my own business at the age of 27, was a fantastic achievement, DALROD’s youngest Service Centre owner. Three years on, I’m now the owner of two local service centres, and providing my customers with an impeccable service, which I am very proud of.”

Dale and his fiancee, Paola

After only three years in business DALROD MK, pushed the boundaries in buying equipment to keep up with demand and invested heavily in the latest technology to ensure the best possible service to their customers.

Everyone at DALROD would like to wish Dale a very Happy 30th Birthday!

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