Nobody likes a blocked toilet, but when DALROD Bath & Swindon were called out to a reoccurring blocked toilet, they knew it was time to investigate.

Each time the drainage experts from DALROD Bath & Swindon, attended the blockage, they always left knowing the water was flowing through. But it’s wasn’t before long the call came back in to say the toilet was again blocked. They knew something more sinister was going on and they needed to investigate to find the root cause.

With the agreement from the management of the premises, James of DALROD Bath and Swindon arranged to return on the weekend to minimise disruption to an office which is open 7 days a week. Keeping the facilities available when the office is at its busiest is vital, especially during COVID conditions.

At first James and his team, cleaned the drains to enable the area to be more visible as well as cleaning the drains of viruses to protect themselves and the employees.

DALROD Bath & Swindon team on site to locate damaged drain

James Of DALROD Bath & Swindon explained how they then went onto discover a potential disaster; “We spent the day onsite, surveying the drains with the CCTV camera. Our investigations identified several issues that had caused the repeated block toilets, but we also discovered a leaking joint. The leaking joint was in a completely different area of the office and had no connection to the original blocked toilet, but the serious leak was a ticking time bomb, which would have caused disaster if it had not been identified. “

James continued “The issues that were found to be repeatedly blocking the toilets were fixed, along with the leaking joint all the same day. This resulted in no further disruption to the workplace, no expensive damage caused by the leaking joint, and no more emergency call-outs for a repeatedly blocked toilet, leaving a very happy customer”

DALROD are proud of the customer service they deliver to each and every customer, ensuring we provide the solution in the best possible manner for the customer.

TOP TIP; To ensure your business is not caught with expensive emergency repairs or numerous call-outs for a reoccurring problem. Talk to our experts about our pre-planned maintenance program, where you will have scheduled regular inspections and drain cleans, preventing these situations from occurring.

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