Schools traditionally have problems with their drains due to excessive use, objects being flushed down the toilet, grease from school kitchens, old buildings, and tree roots.

DALROD were called to investigate a re-occurring problem at a school-based in Bath. The school had previously had works done by another drainage company, but still had re-occurring issues. As well as this, the school had asked for DALROD to determine where, and which drains held foul and surface water.

Dirty drains within the grounds of the school

As part of the site survey, we used CCTV Survey technology to record the findings within the drains. This enabled the Technician to map the drains for the Site Manager, and visually determine what is causing the re-occurring problem.

Once the footage had been reviewed, we could accurately see the cause of the problem. To the area that had the re-occurring issues, we could see cracked and damaged pipes, which needed repair. Also throughout the runs, there were pockets of debris (objects, silt, leaves, etc.) that needed cleaning to prevent flooding.

Blocked, dirty Aco drain, causing flooding

DALROD are booked in to complete the repairs and drain clean during the Christmas break, ensuring when the children return to school, the drains are cleaning and free-flowing.

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