It’s nearly Christmas, wrapping paper will soon be all over your living room floor, with the smell of Christmas dinner coming from the kitchen. What you won’t be expecting or want over the Christmas period (or anytime) is for your drains to block.

Although Christmas is a smaller affair this year, you will still be going all out to feed the family the traditional Christmas Day feast. Millions of homes throughout the UK will have drainage issues over Christmas due to the fat, oil, and grease that will be washed down the sink or dishwasher.

You may think a little oil, grease or left over food will be fine, but the fat, oils and grease will quickly solidify, sticking to the drains and sewers. The hard solid fat then attracts debris causing the drain to block.

Most of the time, wastewater including the greasy water from your sink or dishwasher will cool off and harden into a fatberg before it leaves your property. Now you have a newly formed lodger..a fatberg. Everything that now makes its way down your drains or sewers will collect together and cause a blockage.

How a fatberg forms in your drains

With everyone home, rich foods, and higher demand for your facilities, the blockage in no time at all will see wastewater back up into your home, garden, or even road.


  • Scrape your pots, pans, and plates into the bin
  • Collect all excess oil and fat in a suitable container, and either dispose of it in a bin or use porridge or oats to create bird feed balls.
  • Use a sink strainer to collect any leftovers not scraped into the bin
Use oats or porridge to absorb the fat, once its soaked, roll them into balls for the birds.

No matter when you have a blockage, DALROD’s local experts are always on hand to solve your drainage issue.

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