DALROD Northampton has been inundated with calls to residential properties after foreign objects have been flushed down the toilet.

Over the last 9 months, we have been tirelessly trying to entertain our children through lockdown, with our little darlings testing our patience and blocking your drains.

Recently the team from DALROD Northampton attended a property that was experiencing a blocked toilet, causing devastating issues for the homeowners, as it was their only toilet facility and smelt horrendous.

After investigation, it became apparent there were objects lodged within the drain of the property, and after some time of frequent use of the toilet meant the waste ended up back up and staying within the home.

Our powerful drain jetters forced the objects and waste that had backed up down the drain. Once the objects reached the manhole, it became apparent who was responsible for the blocked toilet.

The resident who is a mother of two was mortified to see it was her perfume bottle and son’s swimming goggles that had made their way down the drain, causing the blockage.

DALROD Northampton found a perfume and goggles down the blocked drain

DALROD Northampton’s Director Craig Morley commented ‘As a Father of two myself, we all know kids are inquisitive to know what happens if they just do this and that. With lockdown, many children have been at home for longer periods of time, and we have started to see the results of their boredom now, with more blockages being caused by foreign objects, excessive use of toilet paper, and wipes.

The smell and disruption to your facilities affect daily life at home, but DALROD will get your drains free-flowing in no time at all.

DALROD Top Tips:

  1. Put the lid of the toilet down, this will limit your children feeling the need to send things down your toilet
  2. Try not to buy thick ply toilet roll and don’t use too much
  3. Do not put food down your toilet
  4. Do not put any kind of wipe down your toilet, even if it says it’s flushable, they tend to still block your toilet.
  5. If you have any problems with your drains, call DALROD

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