Last week, our local service centre in Essex, attended two hospitals in one day to carry out routine and emergency procedures.

Its often said drainage technicians are the doctors and surgeons of the underground. With many similarities like; cleaning your drains, is similar to cleansing your Colon, we repair your drains like a surgeon repairs your body, and we can even do keyhole surgery with our CCTV drain surveys and advanced technology, that aids us in not digging up your property

The day started off at Kings College Hospital in the centre of London to carry out a planned survey. The survey was required to check the viability of the drains for new building works that were due to take place. The team at DALROD set to work and placed the camera down the drain that then made its way under the main building of the hospital.
Whilst surveying the drains, a detached drain had become lodged into the main sewer and had started to block heavily. The drain that was situated in the grounds of the hospital would have resulted very badly if it had been left, with the drains blocking throughout the entire building.

Emergency, blocked toilets in A&E

With one hospital down, it was an emergency call out to another hospital’s A&E And Minor Injury department in the heart of Essex. With no blue lights, the DALROD team headed over to the emergency department to a blockage within the A&E department’s toilets.

As we know, infection control and hygiene are paramount to our hospitals and we are proud to be on hand 24/7, 365 days a year to help our emergency services.

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