DALROD Oxford undertook a CCTV drain survey for a national insurance company, investigating the cause of a flood at a residential property.

The insurance company instructed DALROD to investigate to see if the drains played any part in causing the flood to the property. The only way to gain a clear picture of what is going on inside your drains, below ground is to use CCTV drain technology to perform a survey.

Whilst James of DALROD Oxford was busy carrying out the survey, he came across a toad deep into the lateral drain. Our little slimy friend wasn’t too keen on his new roommate, turning his back to the camera. The little guy was although intrigued to who had joined him in his hidey-hole and followed the camera down the line, where James discovered many defects with the drain.

Run toad run, the camera’s going to catch you

The area in which the toad and defects were found, was also the area the property had flooded. With a clear picture of the defects, the insurance company was satisfied that the damage to the residential property was caused by the flood due to a broken drain, a large displaced joint, and numerous cracks within the drain pipe.

James, Director of DALROD Oxford commented; “I’m not sure who was more surprised the toad or me. It looked just like debris in the line and then it started moving… I’m not sure he was too impressed on having his photo taken but I think I captured his best side. What the survey did show was probable water ingress roots to the property, something that we can fix simply and easily. And yes the toad did decide to vacate the drain a little time later.”

The toad made an escape from the lateral drain at a residential property.

CCTV camera surveys can play an important role in the investigation and diagnosis of drain health for homeowners, commercial customers, and insurance companies alike.

Don’t wait for your property to flood, make sure you know the health of your drains, call DALROD today.

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