DALROD are pleased to have sealed a two-year extension with a Social Housing Association which will see them continue to carry out the drainage works on social housing stock within the Nottinghamshire county.

With many people sent home from work and school, our houses really have become our world. So, maintaining and ensuring your home facilities are in working order, is vital. Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, DALROD were still attending vital jobs in their role as key workers. COVID didn’t stop the overflowing toilets with blockages to the drains or even repairs. Whilst taking safety precautions and working with the social housing head office we ensured the services were met in a safe and risk-free manner.

Before carrying out any works up and down the country, DALROD’s technicians carried out a risk assessment, where they considered several aspects to ensure the household and technician were safe. Our customer (Housing Association) was delighted that DALROD continued to provide an essential service to the public, during a worldwide pandemic.

Director of DALROD Nottingham, Gurpreet Singh commented “I am extremely proud of the team who have worked tirelessly through extreme circumstances. Delivering an impeccable service to our customers is paramount as well as delivering a great service, safely.”

Gurpreet continued “Our tenacious attitude and high-quality customer service have been rewarded and recognised by way of a two-year extension with our long-standing customer, and we look forward to continuing to work with them and for the people of Nottinghamshire.”

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