DALROD Drainage Solutions have always had their finger on the pulse when it comes to meeting the needs of businesses up and down the country. For 35 years, DALROD have been offering complete drainage solutions to the commercial sector. Our services include 24hr emergency callout, drain cleaning/jetting, CCTV surveys, combination tankers and a full sewer/drain repair service. We are confident in our standards of service, and experience within the industry and hold a large portfolio of customers across a variety of sectors. 

We are fully compliant with all health & Safety legislation and hold a number of accreditations including CHAS and we are used to working to the KPI. 

Health & Safety is paramount in every job we do

In addition to our other services, we also offer pre-planned maintenance works (PPM). PPM is vital to companies of all sizes to ensure there are no major unexpected problems with the drainage in any offices, warehouses or any other business premises. 

However, not all companies take into account the unexpected problems which can occur from time to time with their drainage systems. Our service location in Oxfordshire recently attended a national car retailing company who had serious problems with their drainage after sustained amounts of heavy rain. No PPM works had been carried out prior and the premises had water flooding up to knee height. 

DALROD reacted quickly to their problems and attended the premises for two days’ worth of cleaning and reparation work. Following the completion of this work, the car retailing company were swiftly sent a presentation detailing the work which had been carried out and the recommendations for further works to prevent such problems occurring again. This included CCTV camera images and a good report, making the process as easy and stress free as possible for the customer. 

Our service centre in Coventry also recently visited a site which had flooded, but this time it was a national fast-food chain. Once again, no PPM works had been carried out and the drains on site had been allowed to block with fat. The team at DALROD Coventry carried out a CCTV survey, jetted the drains and quickly send a report over to the fast food company, detailing their findings and recommendations to avoid the same problems occurring in the future. 

cleaning your drains of debris is crucial to preventing flooding

Pre-planned maintenance allows the management team of a company to budget and prevent these costly repairs. Also, when part of a PPM contract, DALROD would produce a bespoke schedule to fit the sector and business you work in, making sure the loss of downtime is minimal at worst. Reactive response can be set to a KPI, ensuring we make your call priority. 

DALROD have always held delivering the highest possible levels of customer service as one of our key values as a business. We pride ourselves on reacting to problems our customers may have by getting on site as quickly as possible, in order to help the customer. 

Drainage work can be an emergency, but with PPM, companies in all sectors up and down the country can continue to operate with the peace of mind that their drainage system is being taken care of and there are no nasty surprises around the corner. 

But when a job is an emergency, DALROD react to the needs of the customer and swiftly give them the service they need. The aim is to carry out CCTV work, repairs, and send a good report over to them as quickly as possible. 

The ultimate goal is to make the process as easy as we can for company. Our dedicated key accounts team are on hand to work closely with customers to ensure their needs are met as quickly as possible.

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