DALROD Peterborough have recently set up a best photo competition for employees to showcase the work they carry out.

The goal is to build a portfolio, showcasing the fantastic branding, health and safety in setting up and completing each job and demonstrating DALROD Peterborough’s excellent work in the local community.

Carrie, Marketing Manager for The DAL Group was the judge “Our technicians and the work they do are what makes DALROD a success, and what better way than to capture this daily through photography. DALROD attend some interesting places and it was fun to receive and gain an insight to what our technicians do day to day.

Carrie continues “We’re proud of our brand, so the picture needed to show this, we also asked the guys to think about showcasing what they did on a day to day basis, including the all-important health and safety standards we adhere to on each and every job we attend.

I was extremely impressed with the pictures received and this made the job of picking the winner even harder. We have two fantastic winners for June and July up on the wall and I look forward to the next competition.” 

Michael Wright was the winner in the first month of the competition in June; an award which saw him take home a £50 Amazon voucher. His winning entry was the image below and was chosen as it shows the reactive work our tankers are called to. The picture also captures the brand in great lighting. 

In July, Dan Lane was the winner of the below image. This picture was chosen as it shows great branding in front of a great backdrop. Not only this, but it also showcases great support between franchisees. Dan’s prize was a £50 meat voucher.

Congratulations to the winners of our competition in the first two months, two fantastic photos! 

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