DALROD Merseyside & Chester are pleased to announce they are now sponsors of The Wirral Copper Jar.

The Wirral Copper Jar was set up to help those in need on the Wirral. They are a non-profit organisation giving every penny donated to them, to someone in need, or a local charity. The idea comes from us all having loose coppers lying around, some of us throw them in a bowl or a jar but we certainly don’t like them weighing down our pockets or filling our purse. With this in mind, the charity was set up and includes more than 10,000 businesses from around the area, who have set up stations, enabling the people of The Wirral to throw their loose change into the jar and help those in need.

Each month, the money donated is collected and added together. Depending on how much they raise, it will either be given to one, two, or three people, groups, and/or charities in which the administration team ensures the inclusion of an individual in need, a group that supports people or animals and a charity, every month.

People/groups/charities who have received gifts or donations from the Wirral Copper Jar in the past include an elderly man who was mugged, a disabled girl, an elderly lady who was burgled, Wirral RSPCA and many more.

“Wirral Copper Jar is a local charity that supports a large number of Wirral residents. We are extremely proud to support individuals and have seen first-hand the positive difference this small charity can make. We are extremely fortunate to live in a community in which we support each other as much as possible. A lot of us don’t think coppers can make such a difference, but they really can. Steve, who runs Wirral Copper Jar, does an excellent job and his commitment to the charity is so extraordinary. We are proud to be sponsors.” Said Paul Price of DALROD Merseyside and Chester.

The Wirral Copper Jar have a Facebook group which you can join HERE

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