DALROD Peterborough recently teamed up with CJ Kelly by purchasing their new Multi-Kit Pipe Repair kit. 

Head Office staff, Derek Bullivant and Stuart Dane recently attended a demo at CJ Kelly’s warehouse on Bullock Road, Washingley, Peterborough, alongside three of DALROD’s Service Centre Directors from around the country. 

CJ Kelly are a consultancy & distribution business, specialising in sewer and pipe renovation. They offer support to their clients, from conception and structure, all the way through to installation. They also provide technical support and distribute some of the world’s leading trenchless technologies including their own Multi-Kit Pipe Repair System 

Martin of CJ Kelly demonstrating the Multi-Kit Pipe Repair System

They were all impressed with CJ Kelly’s environmentally friendly kit, which reduces plastic waste down to the bare minimum. It contains innovative new technology which has been developed within the last year.  

There is enough equipment for four repairs in one box instead of the need for four separate kits. Usually, different patches are required for bend, radius and straight patches, but the Multi-Kit eliminates the need to survey a drain and return with the correct equipment. It means DALROD will be able to carry out repairs immediately. 

The design of the kit will also enable DALROD engineers to carry more repair kits in their van, allowing them to complete more repairs without the need to restock their van on such a regular basis. 

Michael or DALROD Peterborough, getting his hands dirty in repairing the drain pipe

Since the demonstration our Peterborough Service Centre has purchased with the other service locations also looking into purchasing.  

Stuart Dane, who works in Technical Support for DALROD, said: “After seeing the demonstration on the new Multi-repair kit by Martin at CJ Kelly International, I was very impressed with the product and how it delivers.” 

“From potentially carrying up to four different inflatable packers to carrying one that covers both 4″-6″ straight and radial (around bends) localised patch repairs.” Stuart continued.  

“The box (mixing kit) that also comes with it is also very useful as there is less wastage than other kits I have previously used. It is smaller in size and weight, which is beneficial when needing to carry large amounts of patch kits.” he concluded.  

For more information on CJ Kelly International, you can visit their website here:  https://www.cjkelly.shop 

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