The team at DALROD Cambridgeshire recently played their part in history, by cleaning and renovating a very old drain at the foot of a Victorian culvert tunnel which runs the complete length of Ramsey village in the county.

The tunnel system was built around 1852-1854, coinciding with similar major engineering projects which were taking place in London. One of the tunnels/culverts that runs the complete length of the High Street, ending at the Great Whyte Mill at the other end of the town, was initially built to carry the river from London. These famous tunnels were the centre of many historic stories including bank robberies and used by Oliver Cromwell and King Charles 1.

The clock tower on the Great Whyte dates back to 1886-1888 and was reportedly once powered by the water flows underground. It was changed to electric power in the 1920s. The culverts themselves date back to the 1800s and form part of the town’s history.

Upon arrival, the brief was to repair the pipe without causing further damage to it, whilst also avoiding causing pollution to the local water source. The team were asked to use environmentally friendly products to extend the lifespan of the pipework for many years to come.

The pipe diameter was 4” and subsequently changed partway through to 5” cast ductile as it crossed the surface water culvert. On cleaning the pipe, it was found to be very brittle internally and pitted. Externally, the pipe was structurally sound, and it was therefore recommended that an epoxy type product be installed to match the contour of the existing pipe, taking into account pipe change dimensions, thus keeping with the maximum capacity available with this section of sewer pipe.

DALROD Cambridge Captured in the famous tunnel

Mike Pollard, Director of DALROD Cambridgeshire, said: “It was nice to work on a challenging job that was initially in such a poor condition. And to renovate a local piece of history, prolonging its life for many years to come, was extremely rewarding. The client on site was delighted with the finished product, which came in on budget and on target. DALROD Cambridgeshire enjoys working on pipework that is historical and challenging. This project was definitely one of those.”

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