DALROD Cambridgeshire recently attended a job at a food processing factory, where they overcame another tricky task.

The drain needing repair maintenance was located under the factory and was so badly deteriorated, it had collapsed and eroded in many places. It was extremely important that DALROD Cambridgeshire carried out this work in one visit, to prevent downtime for the factory. The factory is providing food during the COVID-19 pandemic and could not afford to close for more than 24 hours. 

Due to the nature of the drainage system our team of experts had to take into consideration the heat and chemicals used. DALROD Cambridgeshire came up with the design of a liner using their local supplier, which was adequate to repair the complete section of pipe using epoxy UV cured liner.  

Specialist UV Cure Liners were used to restore and repair the drains after they had eroded and collapse

On completion of the successful repair, 16+ connections had to be re-opened in record time to allow flow to be restored to all areas of the operational factory.

All of the work was carried out to the total satisfaction of the client, on budget, and on time. Huge credit must go to the staff of DALROD Cambridgeshire, who took on long shifts to ensure the job was done to the highest standards in one visit to the factory.

Mike Pollard, Director of the DALROD Cambridgeshire Service Centre, has a wealth of knowledge and he and his staff at St Ives based office give their customers confidence in knowing all each job is completed to the highest standard. 

DALROD Cambridgeshire prides themselves on being specialist experts within sewer relining, pumping solutions and thrive on being challenged by those larger jobs that other drainage companies don’t want to do.

A quick call to our Cambridgeshire service centre on our local rate telephone number 01223 785 604 at any time -day or night will ensure your query is dealt with swiftly and professionally.

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