DALROD Cambridgeshire recently had the pleasure of being asked to carry out a very difficult job at a College in Cambridge, a job which would have to go down as one of their most challenging in recent times.

They were called to a surface water drain, dating back to 1441, around the time the college was built. This drain was connected to the river in Cambridge, to discharge surface water from the site. 

However, it hadn’t seen a vast amount of maintenance since it was built over 500 years ago and had become heavily blocked by tree roots, a blockage that needed immediate attention from the team at DALROD Cambridgeshire.

Tree roots and low maintenance of the 15th-century drainpipe caused the blockage

The task in hand was to enter the river safely (with a rescue crew on the embankment) and to carry out the necessary high-pressure water jetting and cleaning/vacuuming all of the debris that entered the river with waste products. They then had to CCTV the complete length of the drain and remove any tree roots and foreign debris, including large clumps of concrete, which it is believed are from the 1441 construction.

High-pressured water jetting and vacuum tankers attended to clean and remove all debris

To add to the challenge, the job was 700 meters away from the nearest hardstand and it was impossible to get the DALROD vehicles close to the drain being repaired. They, therefore, used their porta reel and tanker system, along with the CCTV crew.

On successful completion of these works, the client asked DALROD Cambridgeshire to completely line this section of sewer, with an environmentally friendly product, up to 300mm in diameter, taking all necessary precautions to carry out the work to prevent any type of pollution to the watercourse. This included all necessary over pumping, bunging off of outlets, and strict code of working practice on-site for all operators.

This meant the job was carried out to the total satisfaction of the client, on time, and on a budget!

Mike Pollard, Director of the DALROD Cambridgeshire Service Centre, is approaching 20 years of experience in this particular role. The wealth of knowledge Mike and his staff has at the St Ives office gives our customers confidence in knowing all each job is completed to the highest standard. DALROD Cambridgeshire prides themselves on being specialist experts within sewer relining, pumping solutions and thrive on being challenged by those larger jobs that other drainage companies don’t want to do.

A quick call to our Cambridgeshire service centre on our local rate telephone number 01223 785 604 at any time -day or night will ensure your query is dealt with swiftly and professionally.

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