When a call comes in to report a blocked drain, we think nothing of it as this is a normal call for DALROD. But as local drainage technician John proceeded to the house, he had no idea of the magnitude of the job he was about to face.

The call was to unblock a drain for a private tenant, but he expected it would be a simple job. John arrived on-site at 3:10 pm and began to unblock the drain using both a bomb jet and a spinning jet, to no avail.

His next step was to carry out a CCTV inspection on the pipework, where he came across tree roots that were causing the biggest problem. The roots obstructed the entire pipe creating the waste to back up into the home. The tree roots are not only causing an obstruction but also in need of repair to stop future roots entering the pipe. John set to work to remove the tangled mess of roots by using high water pressure jetting and a specialist rotating cutting auger.

CCTV Drain Survey showing blockage and tree roots

Following the removal of the tree roots, John was able to re-survey the drain, where he found that three of the joints in the drain had been displaced. This required reparation and patching to these sections of the drain.

Four hours later, John had completed one of his most complex jobs with DALROD to date but was able to leave the site knowing it was a job well done.

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