We all know what it was like to be a child, no thoughts for the utilities of the school, college, or university, and why would they, they’re children. Kids love to block sinks or just use too much toilet roll, which results in a blockage.

Can you imagine, what the drains of your school, college, or university look like after 7 or more weeks of no running water going down the drains? Don’t worry, we won’t make you work too hard in imagining, we will explain it to you.

  • Too much toilet paper can take longer to dissolve as it makes it thicker. As the mass moves down the drain, it will disperse (some dissolve as its meant to but some not) the non-dissolved paper will then cling on to the edges of the drain as it goes down. As more (and it will) toilet paper enters the drain this will attach itself to the undissolved paper making it into a larger blockage
  • Now add those dreaded green or blue paper towels, these are strong and quite robust and will not dissolve easily. These will travel down and add to the increasing collection of undissolved toilet paper.
  • Next, we’ll add some number 2’s to what should be a free-flowing drain, but as we know there is a blockage forming that is getting bigger and bigger every time someone uses the toilet.
  • Children do like to experiment, which includes putting items down the toilet. So we’re going to add some children’s favorites school items……. Cubes (used for Maths), pencils, rubbers, sharpenings, and lunch box items they’re trying to get rid of without being noticed.
  • As we are making a wonderful concoction below ground, we will make our way to the school canteen, where fat and grease will be escaping the grease trap (if they have one) and down into the sinks of the drains below.

Times the classroom toilets by approx. 18 (3 classes per year and more in Colleges and Uni’s) and the kitchen making 2-3 meals per day, you have one massive problem underground, making its way back up into your school, college, or university!

Over the last 7 weeks, the flow of water will not have been as high as it normally is (even with keyworker children present), creating this huge pile of paper, fat, and objects to have congealed and hardened.

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Our technicians are fully qualified and use the correct personal protective equipment while working on-site. They are all fully identifiable with company uniforms and ID badges, and all staff are DBS (enhanced disclosure forms) checked and police checked too.

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