Keeping up to date with the latest techniques and technology is imperative to ensuring our drainage technicians are the best in what they do.

Whether its drain unblocking, high pressured drain jetting, drain repairs (No-Dig and traditional excavation), CCTV drain surveying, or liquid waste disposal and tanker jetting, you can safely rely on DALROD to be the best in their field.

The up to date training of all our staff throughout the UK is what keeps us delivering to our customers in the most professional, cost-effective, and reliable manner.

Steve, Bert, and Dan received their certificates

Yesterday, our second course within a month see 3 technicians from our DALROD Peterborough service centre, complete a JHL refresher course with flying colours. These state of the art tankers are complex with advanced engineering, to ensure the unit performs optimally, as well as the impact on the environment. These vehicles carrying out crucial tasks, and the operators are key to completing tasks safely and efficiently. 

Well done to Dan, Bert, and Steve who completed the course yesterday, and Jim and Michael who attended the course last month.

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