Restaurants and Public Houses usually don’t give much thought to their drainage until there is a problem, and while you’re closed why should you think about it? Well, this is a perfect time, with no customers to disrupt we can ensure your drains are fully operational the minute the government lifts the lockdown. Rather than you frantically dealing with customers and the unblocking your drains (which causes horrendous smells) all at the same time. 


In restaurants and pubs across the country, any drainage problem can become a big disruptive problem. Some pieces of equipment e.g sink, dishwasher in your kitchen require a water supply or drainage system, not to mention the importance of quality drainage service to your restrooms.

Drains will run from all fixtures or pieces of equipment that use water, as well as additional drains to keep water from collecting on your kitchen or restroom floors. 


Then there’s the issue of “FOG,” or “fats, oil, and grease.” There are regulations in place that require any premises that prepare food using high amounts of fat install a grease trap. These traps are also known as interceptors. Drain lines from the dishwasher, pot sinks, prep sinks and other equipment that can generate greasy wastewater must pass through the trap, which contains a set of baffles to remove grease before it clogs your pipes downstream. The location of these grease traps is key as you don’t want them located too far from the source of greasy wastewater because the grease may settle in the drain lines before they get to the trap, leaving you with a recurring clog and bad smells. 

The biggest drainage problem in restaurants are usually clogged drains. Drains can clog for lots of reasons, including food waste or other matter getting caught in drains, grease buildup in drain lines, and everyone’s favorite: employees or guests putting things down toilets that they shouldn’t. 


With the nation’s eateries, businesses and public houses now all sitting dormant with no running water going through the drainage system, it will lead to fat, grease and scale to build up in our systems. This will cause bad smells and blockages as soon as you start to use the system again and will require an emergency drain clean/unblocking

Drain jetting


Call your local drainage experts, DALROD. As keyworkers, DALROD Drainage Solutions are fully operational during the COVID-19 lockdown and can arrange pre-planned clean on your grease traps and entire drainage system to ensure your business is ready for business and reduce the risk of any unexpected emergencies taking place.

Call 0845 22 37 112 today to arrange your local technician to visit you.


DALROD have always taken health and safety extremely seriously and feel this is one of the USP’s that sets us apart from the rest. So, adhering to and wearing correct PPE is something we insist on, daily. But with the threat of COVID-19, we have increased measures to ensure the safety of not only our employees but also our customers. 

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