John Oakes, Director of DALROD Brighton started his day with some positive delightful news from a customer. 

DALROD Brighton is about to start its fourth month in business. Like any business, the key is to market yourself, as well as having a little help from fellow business owners within the area. 

Within the last 3 months, John has made a significant impact in his local area, impressing many of the customers he comes into contact with.

John joined his local BNI in the very infancy of his new venture of owning his own DALROD business. From there, John has impressed many of his fellow members with his work to the point they are willing to recommend him to other businesses outside the local networking group. 

DALROD Brighton was recommended by a BNI member to a large high impact training facility in Sussex. The site is set in 40 acres of land with its spacious restaurant and hotel, adjacent to the modern training institute. John this morning was delighted to have opened an email from their Facilities Manager saying the following:

Further to your recommendation, I have contacted John from Dalrod and I thought to let you know, that he is another contractor, who you recommended that I am very happy with.

He has done two jobs for us recently and both times I was very satisfied with the work he did.

Also, now we are in this crisis where people need reassurance, he has contacted me and advised, that he is available. (Not many contractors did).

A very polite, knowledgeable and approachable person who has answered all the questions I had, made me understand our site a bit better and how to deal with certain drain problems. Please feel free to recommend him further.”

DALROD throughout the entire UK, are in full operation during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, please don’t hesitate to call or contact us for any emergency drainage issues.  

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