On Monday 13th January, the staff at DALROD Peterborough kicked off their “help others 2020” campaign.

The staff at DALROD Peterborough recognise the importance of giving back to the local community and, with this in mind, set up their “help others 2020” campaign. Last December the Big Issue reported an estimated 320,000 people are homeless in the UK, with 1,312 of these reported to be living rough in the Cambridgeshire.

The Peterborough Soup Kitchen has been operating since 1983 and they are made up entirely of volunteers. Their volunteers give over 7,662 hours of their time per year to help those in need.

They presently have around 190 local volunteers in total and the charity is run and managed by a small committee of trustees. They are always looking for new volunteers to support our work. And, on Monday 13thof January, DALROD gave up their time for the cause. 

Upon conclusion of their workday, Stevie Johnson, Jim Parrish and Graham Mason went to the Soup Kitchen on Rock Road, Peterborough. They met Sharon from the soup kitchen and Lyn from the Deeping Lions.

It started with them all putting on the hot chef aprons and washing our hands ready to prepare the food.

Jim and Graham then buttered 7 loaves of bread and inserted fillings sorted by Lyn.

  • Cheese
  • Cheese and pickle
  • Egg Mayo
  • Tuna
DALROD Peterborough’s Jim Parrish, buttering 7 loaves of bread at The Peterborough Soup Kitchen.

That left Stevie to open all the soup and macaroni cheese tins, in order to start the cooking process. Sharon then prepared a numerous number of goodie bags which included crisps, chocolate and other snacks.

Then Pret a Manger donated the sandwiches, cakes, salads that haven’t sold, to be given out. This is something they do each day with their leftover stock. 

After about one hour, the DALROD staff loaded the van, ready to serve.

They went to Wellington Street car park for 7:15pm. The weather was absolutely terrible, Heavy rain bouncing off the road but around 30 people came across from all parts of the city to attend.

Jim and Graham then got to the hatch to serve the soup and sandwiches. Stevie was on tea, coffee and hot chocolate duty. As soon as they opened the hatches, the people were so happy to see them there. Every person was very polite and grateful for everything that was given to them. They served a mix of homeless people and people who live in shelter accommodation, that couldn’t afford food.

After around 45 mins the van was empty and with the rain still lashing down, it was time to go. They served over 100 sandwiches, drinks and other snacks throughout the 45 minutes, but those who came for food left the site in an immaculate state, with every piece of rubbish put in the bins provided.

Jim, Stevie and Graham of DALROD Peterborough, braved the wind, rain and cold to help feed the Cities homeless.

It was then back to Rock road where the guys washed up and filled all the containers ready for the next set of volunteers to serve the following night.

Operations and Contracts Manager, Stevie Johnson, said: “What a great experience that was. To see so many people who were there and be so grateful and happy that we were there was amazing. Would I do it again? 100%. Would I recommend it? 100%.”

“It puts your own lifestyle in perspective and makes you realise that the little things that are taken for granted or the little things we moan about are not worth it. Speaking to some of the people last night, they just want to chat and have a warm drink and food for 1 hour a night. Some have walked miles to be there and some live in tents or under cardboard boxes and this is the only time that food might be available that day.” Stevie concluded. 

Well done to Stevie, Jim and Graham for their brilliant work in helping those in need in the first part of the DALROD Peterborough “help others 2020” campaign. 

Thanks to Peterborough Soup Kitchen for letting us help out! 


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