Everyone has a duty of care to ensure the UK’s waterways are free of hazardous waste, including commercial properties.

Many commercial properties have car parks for customers or staff, which will have petrol and oil dispersing from vehicles, which is harmful to our water waste. Many industries also now use harmful hazardous liquids, to produce or even excrete from items we buy and sell. Liquid waste will then make its way into the drainage system and filter out to the main waterways.

You can help reduce hazardous waste entering our water causeway by installing a drain interceptor to the pipework of drain of the affected area.

Drain gully, free-flowing of wastewater

An interceptor does exactly what it says, it intercepts the contaminated hazardous waste from the wastewater before it’s discharged to the main water causeway.

Interceptors will require to be emptied to prevent the interceptor overflowing and recontaminating the wastewater.

If a business is found to be polluting the waterways you can receive up to 5 years in prison and a fine. In the best possible solution, you will need to pay for the entire clean up.

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