DALROD Cambridgeshire over the last five months has made a significant investment in personnel, fleet, and equipment.

As a company DALROD are always striving ahead to be the best in their industry. DALROD Cambridgeshire has continued to invest in people, technology and their brand. In the last five months, the St Ives based Service Centre has invested in five vehicles; 1 DALPUMPS pumping solutions, 3 drainage rapid response vehicles, a 4,000-gallon tanker and a state of the art CCTV Camera.

4,000- gallon Tanker, ready to dispose of liquid waste

With the new additions to the fleet and equipment also comes, new staff to operate them. The recruitment drive across the DALROD’s entire network has increased tenfold due to the large framework contracts won by our tendering and sales team, as well as the local demand for DALROD’s services increasing. This is no different for DALROD Cambridgeshire who since June have advertised and recruited for 12 positions including specialist Drainage Engineer, Trainee Drainage Engineers, LGV Class 2 Tanker Drivers and Office Administration staff.

DALPUMPS Pumping Solutions vehicle

Mike Pollard Director of DALROD Cambridgeshire commented sayingHere at DALROD Cambridgeshire, we are passionate about delivering a top-class service to our customers. Ensuring our staff, equipment and fleet are at the best they can be, helps us deliver the best service on time.

Over the past few months its been like Christmas for me, I always get excited to see a nice shiny new vehicle arrive with all the DALROD signage, it really does give you a sense of pride.”

If you’re a company interested in DALROD or DALPUMPS services please email or call 0845 22 37 112. Or maybe you would like to join the DALROD family as an employee or own a Franchise Service Area if this is you please email

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