DALROD earlier this year met the Roto team at the Home Building & Renovation Show in Birmingham, with a specialist pumping solutions division; DALPUMPS increasing its service across the UK, it’s incredibly important to make these supplier links to offer a smooth running of any project for our customers.

DALROD Drainage Solutions has service centres across the UK, providing a solution to the nations drainage problems. DALROD Cambridgeshire’s pumping division recently had been commissioned to carry out works due to the failure of a septic tank with multiple soakaways and damaged foul pipes. The cause of damage was due to a root ingress and cracking to the pipework.

Kevin Woolner, who Co-Ordinates the Pumping and Special Treatment Plant division of DALROD Cambridgeshire, upgraded the wastewater treatment plant in line with the new regulations and 2020 law which comes into effect in January 2020.

This project was completed by installing the Roto SBR 30PE RoClean, wastewater treatment plant. The system had many advantages for the customer with one being the size of the tank and the plug and play technology. Using this wastewater treatment plant allowed Kevin and his team of experts to achieve completion on a tight deadline. Time on the install was saved due to the time taken to prepare the groundwork and the setting up of the system. As you can see from the photos, the install has been professionally carried out with minimal disruption to the garden.


If you need any advice from DALPUMPS on the Roto sewage treatment plants, septic tank or pumping stations, please feel free to give DALPUMPS a call on 0845 22 37 112 and their knowledgeable team will be able to help advise you on the solution, products and install.


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