DALROD UK recently held their annual Franchise meeting at Newmarket Racecourse, to discuss the success and vision of our national company in the year ahead.

The annual meeting allows Franchisees and the Franchisor to reflect on how their businesses have grown over the past year and be inspired by the new challenges and aspirations for the year ahead. The company has developed and phenomenally expanded over the last couple of years and this has been shown in the overall growth of the group over the past 4 years, increasing by 42%

The personnel of DALROD has significantly increased to support the demand in our services nationally. DALROD Head Office has seen the growth as a time to invest in many areas of the business with Health & Safety, IT and Marketing being the greatest.

As more and more companies are requesting accreditations, DALROD are delighted to report to their Franchisees that the DALROD accreditations are something DALROD takes as a priority with DALROD holding many of the needed accreditations enabling us to compete for tenders and acquire contracts with top customers in the country knowing this is in a safe and audited manner.

The aspirations of DALROD don’t stop and as a forward-thinking company the vision and drive to progress, keeps growing with new Service Centre’s opening this year within areas of the country that have been carefully selected due to the demand in our services. The new areas are located in Sheffield, Oxfordshire and Coventry.

As a Franchisor, we offer expert advice with guest speakers attending the meeting to offer advice on various areas of interest to business owners of DALROD.  First up to talk to the room of DALROD service area owners was Geoff Norman of Moore Stephens Accountancy regarding CIS (Construction Industry Scheme). CIS is a very complex area which not many can claim to be experts in, but DALROD are fortunate to work with a reliable and competent company, Moore Stephens. Geoff explained what CIS was and how payments are deducted. This informative information will aid and help our local business owners to understand the accounting processes in Head Office.

Pic- Geoff Norma of Moore Stephens and DALROD Director Dave Lane

With insurance being a hot topic with new legislation and Health & Safety guidelines, it was great to hear and speak to industry expert Benn Houghton of First Insurance Solutions. Benn gave an interesting insight into liability insurances and claims that most affect the drainage industry. Many were surprised at what can be affected under the Public and Employers liability insurance as well as the claims that are submitted on a daily basis.

Pic- DALROD General Manager Jon Kynaston and Benn Houghton of First Insurance Solutions

As the company grows, personnel also increases and as an advocate of development in our community, DALROD actively support young people in work and education. Ben Martin and Liz Howarth of PSA Training also attended to discuss apprenticeship and how these opportunities can help our business. As a business, we are already proud to have supported young people through apprenticeships and offer full-time employment at the end of their education. Looking at these options builds a stronger future for our business and the communities we serve in local areas.

Pic – Liz Howarth and Ben Martin of PSA Training and General Manager of DALROD Jon Kynaston

The last speaker of the day was that of Leathes Prior, Employmentor, offering advice throughout the group on Employment Law and commercial and legal advice. We are proud of the relationship with Employmentor and our on-hand unlimited access to the team of Employment Law Solicitors, documents and legal precedents.

To end our fantastic inspiring Franchise meeting, we acknowledged and applauded our Franchisees, looking back at their achievements and announcing this years DALROD Annual Awards.

This year we awarded Top Franchisee to the franchise that recognises growth in turnover, customer base, plant and their team. Supports the group and brand with a flexible approach to the business concept. Runs an operation that can be versatile to the needs of the business, group and their customers. Well done to DALROD MK

Pic – Top Franchisee Award winners DALROD MK Directors Dale Jowett and Colin Mackman

Lastly, It was the honour of Director Dave Lane to award Franchise of the Year award to the franchise that has been recognised for their exceptional service, commitment to their local community and area and going the extra mile. We recognised that even when faced with challenges they overcome and grew stronger,  well done to DALROD Luton

Pic – Franchise of the Year DALROD Luton Director Allan Zealy and DALROD Director Dave Lane

We would like to thank the entire DALROD group in their fantastic success, also to all our customers across the UK. We look forward to serving you and welcome more customers to our portfolio in 2019.

If you wish to find out more information on how you can become a DALROD Franchisee, be your own boss and join the DALROD success please email .

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