As the nation cleans up their homes after Christmas, DALROD are cleaning the aftermath of the extensive fat that has been put down the UK’s drains after the mammoth food feast we have all had over the festive period.

Grease and fat can clog the pipes and sewers of peoples homes and commercial properties, which can increase the risk of your home or workplace to flood with raw sewage.

An astonishing 40% of blockages in our sewers are caused by people putting the wrong thing down their sinks and toilets, resulting in over £100 million being spent a year in clearing these blockages.

It’s been reported in the last year that fatbergs are becoming more common due to the uninformed population, causing nationwide problems to the UK’s sewers and of course feeding those pesky pests (rats) underground. Many people believe that pouring fat down your sink followed by boiling or hot water prevents such issues. This is incorrect and in fact, just cause more problems in the depths of your drainage system.

A fatberg found in London earlier in 2018, measuring 250 metres and weighing 130 Tonnes

The best way to dispose of your fat and grease is to allow it to cool down in a disposable container before throwing this in your general waste.

If you have any problems with your domestic or commercial drainage system or you would like to prevent future problems and give your drains the VIP treatment in 2019, make sure you call DALROD who will be able to assist you in making sure you don’t get any unexpected emergency’s. Prevention is your best solution.

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