Last Sunday evening, DALROD Head Office invited Serpentine Green Shopping Centre to an evening of Ice Hockey, and what a game it was. With fans packed to the rafters it was a real spectacle of a game

The Peterborough DALROD Phantoms took to the ice in a crucial league fixture, against fellow title contenders Basingstoke Bison. Guest of honour was Serpentine Green’s Operations Manager, and his guests little Loui King and his family.

Loui was born 10 weeks prematurely, weighing only just over 2lb. The early days were touch and go with little Loui nearly dying when he was a few days old. Loui was born with Downs Syndrome and a Ventricular Septal Defect in his heart (a hole). He also has poor circulation, hyper-thryoidism and many, many other medical problems that would certainly hold a less courageous boy back.

Loui has made it his mission to prove the doctors and medical profession wrong, in going out and accomplishing many activities that you and I would find hard, let a lone a little boy with such complex medical problems. But Loui is doing it, and last Sunday we made the smile on Loui and his families face rise again.

Here are a few words from Loui’s family after his incredible night at the Phantoms ice Hockey

“Another one of those nights where people show extraordinary kindness to Louis, knowing that in all apart from gratitude, Louis could never possibly repay them their kindness.

Our first Ice Hockey match, Peterborough Phantoms vs Basingstoke Bison. Louis was very, very excited about this. On arrival we were shown to literally the best corporate hospitality box in the entire arena. I can’t really describe how good Louis’ view was. Imagine having a better view than the actual coaches of the teams? Yep. That. Louis sat, glued to the action for the full match.

 Massive, massive thanks from all of us must go to Peterborough Phantoms staff. Also, to DALROD for hosting us in their rather splendid corporate box”

For the full post, which describes Loui’s time as DALROD’s special guest, please see the following link.


Thank you Steve from Serpentine Green for introducing us to this inspirational little boy and his wonderful family, I think we have some new hockey fans.

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