It’s always pleasing to hear of the fantastic work, our engineers and office staff do, which does occur on a daily basis. But not everyone spends the time to write an email of thanks, and show how important our work is to them.

DALROD Cambridgeshire has recently received a wonderful email thanking one of our engineers Kevin, for coming to the rescue in treacherous conditions. Kevin’s attitude and commitment is a sentiment to our company and echoes throughout our entire workforce.

Here is what our happy customer had to say about Kevin, from our DALROD Cambridgeshire service area-

“I would just like to record my thanks to the team at Dal-rod for the excellent service they provided to unblock the drain at my elderly father-in-law’s bungalow last night. Despite the long journey to get here in Norfolk, Kevin arrived after a 2.5 hour journey through worsening weather and completed the job within an hour. He was a real life saver. Many thanks to him and the rest of the team for a brilliant Service.”

Well done Kevin of DALROD Cambridgeshire and to all our staff throughout the company that do tremendous work.


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